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Published: 2021-07-05 09:15:04
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Web site design
There is a number of e-businesses website in the globalised economies today. The website chosen for this study is a Japanese vehicle sale website called Tradecarview ( The activity carried out by this e-business site involves the sale of used as well as brand new cars to different kinds of people in the world. The reason for the choice of the website is the ease with which clients find it to use and the fact that many people buy vehicles online.
The website has employed website design principles designed to make its use easy and efficient. The manner in which it is centrally placed captures the attention and the psychological attention of the user. The user is by this virtue allowed to concentrate more on the important functionalities that the site offers (Douglas et al., 2007). Consistency has been maintained throughout the pages with the same website heading on each page, therefore allowing easy identification of the website whichever page the client lands on upon search. Immediately below the header, navigation links have been provided allowing easy access to other pages. The manner in which the navigation links are presented allows the user to identify with ease the already visited pages based on the color change of the links upon clicking.
At the far top right corner of every page is provided a menu whereby a user can select a language in which the information on the site can be displayed. In addition to that search avenues are provided at the left end of the page allowing users to provide particulars of any car or vehicle of interest.
Information presented in the website is devoid of unnecessary stories and only the main information is provided. This information includes prices of the products offered, mode of payment and delivery module. The users are saved from reading irrelevant information, therefore at a glance it is easy to get the information sought
It is easy to navigate and load the web pages due to the light manner adopted by the developers. Images placed in website are small in size and therefore do not affect the load time. Performance therefore is good in general. From my own evaluation, therefore, I can say that the website is well designed as the designers had the issues and requirements of the users in mind. Most web design issues have been taken into consideration.
Douglas, K. V., James A. L., & Jason, I. H. (2007). The design of sites: Patterns for creating winning web sites. New York: Wiley

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