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Published: 2021-07-01 10:20:05
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Rhythm in Writing
This article will explain how one can balance ideas with rhythm in writing. Rhythm in an article can be described as how writing sounds. Good writing is a pleasant thing to listen to. Ensuring effective rhythm is maintained in a piece of writing requires one to combine parallelism for balancing and controlling how a sentence will end. Use of words like for, or, and, and yet can be very helpful in joining sections of a sentence to bring coordination. A sentence with coordination normally has rhythm and sounds better than a sentence, which is not coordinated. However, rhythm is a very hard thing to explain to somebody given that it is a feeling felt inside, just like in music. What makes it difficult is because everyone has a unique rhythm (Wilbers, 2007).
In order to achieve rhythm in a piece of writing, one should avoid use of long sentences. However, there are instances when longer sentences are needed although they are very tedious to read. Punctuation is a very vital element of rhythm and long sentences are very hard to punctuate (Wilbers, 2007). Through punctuation, sentences are made short making the writing look pretty. Rhythm in writing helps in relaying the ideas, making them sensible.
In order to realize ones writing rhythm, it is advisable to read ideas aloud. It is also a better way of realizing ones mistakes in a piece of writing. One should read good and bad writings aloud and try to compare rhythm. These are some of the ways of improving one’s rhythm. Something worth noting is that there is nothing wrong with using wrong sentences in putting across ideas, but one should use conjunctions not to alter the rhythm of the words.
Wilbers, S. (2007). Keys to Great Writing. New York: Writer's Digest Books

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