Course Work On Purpose And Historical Academic Use Of Specific Formatting Styles

Published: 2021-07-03 19:25:05
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There are a number of formatting styles that are used in writing. These include MLA, APA, Chicago, to list but a few. Each formatting style has got its own guidelines and rules. Again, each formatting style has got its own advantages and benefits of use.
The main reason why specific formatting styles are used is to avoid or reduce the chances of plagiarism[ CITATION The09 \p 79 \l 1033 ]. When one paraphrases or quotes the works of another person, it is only ethical for one to cite the text, author, and the particular page, year of publication, the publishing house, and any other relevant information. The type of information one gives in the citations and intexts varies with the specific type of formatting style used. Proper punctuation is needed to achieve the above, and the formatting styles provide the needed guidelines. This is the most viable way of avoiding plagiarism, which is one of the most serious crimes in writing.
Another reason why specific formatting styles have been used is to help standardize the texts, especially texts written for academic purposes. It would be chaotic if everyone formatted their texts in whichever way they found fit. With set rules and guidelines, it becomes easier to mark and grade the different types of papers. Besides that, a formatted text is easier to understand, compared to texts that are not formatted. This is because the styles have guidelines on how to choose a good graphical form on how to analyze and present a text.
Historically, publishing houses have established guidelines to regulate the use of language. The guidelines are also used to evaluate if the piece is worth publication. This helps to ensure consistency, making it easier to manage writing errors. However, once a piece of work has been accepted by a publishing house, the author is given the option of choosing the type of formatting style for their work. Notably, professional scholars have to follow certain rules when writing their articles and books, for them to be accepted by academic book publishers.
Value of reviewing written work from an overview before editing at the grammar level
Writing involves a number of steps or stages. Each of the stages is very important and should not be overlooked. This particular question seeks to check into a general overview of the already written work before making corrections on the grammar used and other elements.
Reviewing a written work from the overview after writing it helps ensure that they are still in line with the stated topic or question of discussion[ CITATION Cla03 \p 134 \l 1033 ]. This is because in the process of writing, one may easily slip out of the designated topic due to a number of reasons.
Again, reviewing a written work from a general overview gives one the opportunity to rate or grade the appropriateness of the words used in the text. The overview determines the level of language used as well as the structure of sentences. In other words, a general overview helps determine if the construction of sentences fits the particular text.
More to that, a general overview helps one make slight alterations such as adding in a few more words to get the required word count. This may be done by incorporating in ideas that had been overlooked or forgotten when writing the article. A general overview also gives one an opportunity to rearrange the ideas and bring them out in a much better way. This helps improve the flow of the text.
Besides adding ideas and rearranging the existing ideas in the text, it is in order that one removes some ideas that words or ideas that do not fit in well or interfere with the flow of the text. Removing certain words could also be done to match the needed word count. Consequently, one could remove certain words or ideas and replace them with something else that fits better or flows better, to make the text or story complete.
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