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Published: 2021-07-08 12:50:05
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Answer c: does not achieve the required result but does achieve one of the optional results

The primary requirement of the network that must be created for the firm is to upgrade the bandwidth from 10- MBPS to a higher bandwidth. According to the requirements the bandwidth will exceed the 10-MBPS capacity and therefore UTP is a clear need, however using CAT 5 UTP the business will be able to achieve the desired comfort level with any further growth in future considering the fact that the maximum transmission distance for CAT 5 will be 213 meters. It is important to understand here that the CAT 5 will require 100Base VG Ethernet and therefore the system will be upgraded. The future growth will not only depend upon the equipments related to the cabling and the Ethernet. Considering the fact that the spread will be higher, it will also become important to arrange the right support for a 100 Mbps speed.
It has to be understood that with a growth of the business the requirement of speed and the spead will also get enhanced hence it will be important to look into the combinations and find out if the conditions as laid down are met. The twist here is that Star Topology is possible with 10BaseT only and the same supports up to 10 Mbps, due to which the primary requirement is not fulfilled. On the other hand this type of setting is cost effective however the limitation of the same is only 5 meters, which means that this is definitely not the right option when the options are explored in order to achieve a setting that can support a given expansion at any given time. Hence the first option also does not get satisfied with this arrangement and the desired results will not be achieved.
The server response time is impacted by the speed however the UTP CAT 5 will help but considering the fact that if we take the above situation being met, a further target of enhancing the speed can be met by improving the RAM, so that the data transmission and the ongoing information retention on the server is quick due to which the response time is improved.
Hence, we see that due to a support of 10 Mbps (maximum) with star topology, the primary goal is not met and secondly the growth cannot be handled as with the solution that is provided the coverage distance of the transmission will get limited and therefore it is not ideal for growth. Lastly, the speed for managing is ideally control by the support available however increasing the memory will definitely improve the server response time, thus meeting one of the optional requirements and hence the result.

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