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Published: 2021-06-30 21:50:05
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Global organization is an international alliance which involves many different countries. The following elements are all affected by a company as it moves through evolutional phases for it to be a global organization. The first one is product. A global company creates a single product so that it can only have to pinch elements for different markets. The other key element is price. Price varies from market to market. Price is usually affected by many variables that are the cost of ingredients and cost of delivery. The third one is placement. Placement decisions must consider the position of the product in the market place. Building a global organization is different from domestic organization because of the environmental changes across international borders. A firm understands well its domestic environment but is less familiar with international environment. This will make the firm to spend more time and resources in understanding new environment.
The following are the major three metrics for tracking implementation of a global market. First is the customer relationship management, which is a broadly-implemented strategy when managing interactions of a company customers, sales prospects and clients. The general goals of CRM are to find, win and attract new clients. The second metrics is the marketing operations which is a new discipline within the function of Corporate Marketing. Its main purpose is to increase efficiency of marketing and building an excellent foundation by marketing with processes, technology and best practices. The last one is the collaborative software which is computer software designed by helping people to achieve their goals. These metrics helps to ensure that the business efforts match to the plan. Monitoring also allows for the corrective actions by making necessary changes (Birnbaum, B. 2009)
Implementation of global strategic risks is greater than domestic strategy. Different strategies results in facing environmental tasks that varies in levels of uncertainty and implementation of a particular strategy requires different levels of risk taking. Domestic strategy may result in higher level of uncertainty than when comparing it with global strategy. Global scale economies are a central source on competitive advantage for global strategy. This makes global strategic risks to be greater than domestic strategy. Build strategies have higher environmental conflict and external dependencies, necessitated greater willingness in taking risks as compared to the harvest strategy.
Birnbaum, B. (2009): Monitoring Implementation of Your Strategic Plan. Retrieved on December 22, 2010 from

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