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Published: 2021-07-12 07:10:05
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There are many religious beliefs across the globe and all of them were spearheaded by a belief that was propagated by a given individual. The individual’s who invented these religions often had some characteristics that drove them to come up with the beliefs. This essay looks at some of the characters that were responsible for bringing these religions in the Eastern world.

Eastern Religious

Whenever an individual comes up with a new invention, there are always some who agree with them and others who are against them. However, it is more agreeable that religious leaders are often taken with a higher regard since they often deal with issues that are close to the hearts of the people. In the Eastern region, there are many different religious beliefs. All the leaders have specific characteristics that can be used to define them. These are as discussed below.

Gautama Buddha (Anon, n.d) can be described as a “superb teacher with a fine grasp of appropriate metaphor, and tailoring his teachings to the audience at hand.” This is mainly because he took much of his time in tutoring people about what he believed in, which eventually saw many come to his side. Similarly, he had teachings that could fit people from all walks of life. As such, he was a man of the people, who appealed to all.

Lao Tzu can be said to be an inventor and a philosopher (Anon, n.d). This is mainly because he challenged the belief that people held onto for a long time. When he realized that he could not follow on what people were doing or believed in to determine the course of his life, he went ahead to come up with the Taoism. He went on ahead to get some definitions for some of the beliefs that he had about life. He countered some of the common beliefs that people had, and came up wit ha different, philosophical way of looking at life’s affairs. As such, it is agreeable that he was a philosopher. When he came up with Taoism, he looked forward to establishing a new order in the East, and he actually succeeded in doing so (, 2012).

Confucius, on the other hand, can be said to be a wise leader (Anon, n.d). This can be attributed to the fact that he was responsible for coming up with a lot of sayings that can are quite witty and those that can be used to guide people in the modern life. It is no wonder that he came up with Confucianism, a religion that is quite famous in the East. Looking at his sayings, it can be said that he saw life from a different perspective, from a point where many of the people living in his time could not. He had his ideas and never feared to share them out, thereby leading him to become a very popular leader.

Mencius (Anon, n.d) was another leader who could not escape the notice in the study of Eastern religious men. He, however, did not come up with his own teachings. Rather, he expanded the Confucian thoughts, making the people back then take him more seriously on the religious issues. His zeal in propagating the Confucian ideas earned him a place in the books of the Eastern religious. As such, he can be said to be a faithful follower and devoted leader.

In conclusion, this essay has looked at four of the religious men in the Easter region. From the discussion, it has indicated the characteristics associated with each and the reasons as to why they are famous in the modern world.

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