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Published: 2021-07-07 04:20:05
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A paradigm shift refers to a revolutionary way of thinking in any given setting that is usually propelled by a number of agents of change. Organizations should always seek for a way of coping with paradigm shifts because it presents various opportunities that may also come in handy for the growth of the organizations (Dogan, 2001, p.72). An excellent example is the revolution that led to the transformation of science from the Ptolemaic system all the way to the Copernican system and eventually to Quantum physics. As a result, a lot positive changes occurred in the worldview. Presently, an example of paradigm shift that can bring positive influence is the presentation of the personal computer that has become inevitable in all successful organizations worldwide. Both the personal and business arena has been significantly affected by this accelerator for a paradigm shift. Presently, many interactions are made possible online thanks to the introduction of the internet.

With the present dynamic changes in technology, change is inevitable since the entire global scene is profoundly affected by the same. In the present society, the idea of causing change to lead, accepting change to survive, and rejecting change to perish will always hold (Clarke & Clegg, 2000, p.21). In essence, the world has always been on a changing trend, and there are no indications that this is supposed to end any soon. Much as there is a tendency for humans to resist change, it is essential for any organization to realize that this changing process was set in motion long ago. Therefore, the companies can only survive if they choose to accept change and look for means of coping with the paradigm shift. One of the companies facing problems with change is Tata Consultancy Services whose demand was at some point constrained because of some of the strategies it had put in place in the past (Shinde & Bhatnagar, 2011).


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