Conflict Resolution: Capacities And Limits Of Ngos As Conflict Managers Article Review Examples

Published: 2021-07-22 01:55:08
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Non- governmental organizations play a significant role in conflict resolution. NGO’s have proved their importance in conflict resolution at several crucial occasions. This paper discusses several aspects of conflict resolution and contribution of NGO’s in this area along with discussing the article, ‘capacities and limits of NGO’s as conflict managers’. The article is written by Diana Chigas who is a renowned academician and known for her works on the international negotiation and conflict resolution.
Non- governmental organizations have successfully solved a number of conflicts through negotiation and their scope seems to be increasing in the current scenario. Thousands of NGOs are working in the area of conflict resolution right from local to national and international levels. NGOs participate in a conflict as consultant and provide their assistance after assessing the whole situation. NGOs choose different methods to achieve their goal of conflict resolution and track one and a half diplomacy is one of them. Track two diplomacy and track three diplomacy are other methods of conflict resolution (C. A. Crocker, F. O. Hampson & P. R. Aall, 2007, p. 553-576).
NGOs intervene in a dispute through direct or indirect consultation and their idea of resolution is based upon the negotiation, arbitration, training and persuasion. Their intervention in a dispute may or may not be official but once an organization succeeds in persuading both the parties, they reach at an official concurrence and everyone else respects that. There are some advantages that NGOs get in the process of conflict resolution. Being a non state organization, NGOs have no coercive powers and cannot force either party of a contract. NGOs are flexible and they practice impartiality which establishes their credibility in the conflict resolution.
Since NGOs continuously work in the field, they understand the nature of the conflict and also they understand the parties in a better way. These organizations engage people who are expert of the subject matter and are widely acceptable. A Non-Governmental Organization helps in breaking the ice between conflicted parties and presents the whole issue in a different and smooth manner. Positive attitude and improved communication help these organizations in accomplishing their goals.
On the other hand there are some limitations of NGOs and these limitations affect their role in the process of conflict resolution. Sometimes NGOs come under several influences or pressure which compels them to act or manipulate the process in the favor of one party. Such pressure can be political or monetary because NGOs are also dependent on their funders for their operation. There are a number of examples where NGOs were found working for a specific purpose which was manipulated by external force.
After having observed the abovementioned analysis of the article it is good to say that NGOs are an important string of conflict resolution process. There are a number of examples where these organizations have successfully solved a chronic dispute or helped in changing the attitude of conflicted parties. NGOs have played a significant role in conflict resolution across the world and author in her article systematically gives a number of examples where these organizations achieved, what was required.
C. A. Crocker, F. O. Hampson & P. R. Aall. (2007). Leashing the Dogs of War: Conflict Management in a Divided World. Washington, D.C.: US Institute of Peace Press.

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