Ces Software And Eco Audit Dissertation Introduction Example

Published: 2021-07-22 10:00:05
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Environmental degradation and air pollution are critical issues which have affected the existence of humans. Implementation of this project is aimed at deriving better ways and materials which can be friendly to the environment thus reducing pollution and emission of poisonous gases. Most manufacturing companies have been involved in emission of carbon dioxide which in its accumulation is risky for human’s existence. Global warming has also resulted from its accumulation making it necessary to develop products which are environmental friendly. It involves the change in weather patterns experienced on earth due to gaseous emissions which affect the weather conditions. Eco-design involves choosing materials to be used in manufacturing of products which are environmental friendly thus reducing pollution and global warming. This project is therefore aimed at selection of such materials with environmental factors being put into consideration to ensure a balance in eco design in the manufacturing of products.
The major consideration of eco design is the impact of materials and products to the environment and their rate of environmental pollution. This indicates that products are designed in a manner directed at minimizing the cost of production by using materials which will in no manner cause global warming, pollution or emission of carbonated gas to the environment. Selection of these materials is essential as it ensures healthy existence of plants, animals and even humans thus preventing critical diseases such as cancer (Ashby, 102). The development and usage of such materials has been interrupted by lack of sufficient data and research on the effects of these materials. Their unavailability has also led increased costs of production as people try to acquire the limited materials which are available. There is a specific manner of precedence in which these materials should be put which has also caused inefficiency as data to support such ways is limited. This indicates the need to develop technologically driven programs which can be used to indicate the selection and placement of the materials.
This project will shed light to most of these complications by indicating the most effective eco manner of choosing the design of the products. This will lead to a reduction in energy consumption and emission of poisonous gases which are the major results of eco design. Minimization of costs of materials is essential to most manufacturing companies which can be done through recycling of used materials or using less expensive materials thus saving the cost. This will also be discussed in depth in this project (Ashby, 156). All these conditions will be conducted with eco design and environmental improvement in mind to ensure the goal is achieved. Development of the CES software was a major step in eco design as it can be used to measure the viability of different materials used in production and their effects on the environment. This software will be a central base in this project as any materials used will be audited; its cost analysis and contribution to environmental pollution will also be measured using this software. (Hesselbach, Jürgen, and Christoph Herrmann, 200).
The project will consider different sectors in which most of these materials can be used. These include the transport sector involving both air and road transportation, medical sector in which manufacturing of medicines will be considered and domestic or home applications. The transport sector will include subdivisions such as the use of wheelbarrows, bicycles and airplane wings which have in most cases contributed to preservation of the ecosystem. This indicates that the project will be involved in comparison of different materials, analysis of such materials and making conclusions on which is most environmental friendly
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