Causes And Effects Of Air Pollution Creative Writing Sample

Published: 2021-07-21 15:00:07
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Air pollution is defined as the contamination of air by introduction of unwanted Chemicals, biological matter and particulates which is harmful for all the living beings and causes damage to environment. The quality of air degrades substantially due to excessive air pollution.
There are various causes behind increased Air Pollution in today’s world. Some of the most prominent reasons behind air pollution are the exhaust fumes from Vehicles like Cars, trucks, Jet planes. These fumes are rich in carbon monoxide and hence cause air pollution.
Factories and industrial units also contribute massively to air pollution as most of such plants involve burning of oil and/or fossil fuels. Excessive use of Fertilizers and Pesticides also leads to air pollution and though minute, smoking is also a contributor to air pollution levels. Natural phenomenon like volcanic eruptions. Wildfires etc. have also been found to be one of the many diverse causes. Mining operations also release particles into air which result in air pollution.
The increased air pollution has had variety of effects on human beings, other organisms and even the environment. Increased air pollution has resulted in global warming, which is posing a great challenge to mankind. Air pollution is the prime reason behind ozone depletion, a phenomenon capable of putting the life on our planet in jeopardy. Air pollution also drives acid rains, which promotes various kinds of pollutions.. It also leads to various health issues among human beings. Air pollution is one of the most important reasons behind increase of Asthma and Cancer cases in the world. It even dooms plants and animals and affects the biodiversity. The crop yield all across the globe has decreased due to significant increase in the air pollution levels.

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