Case Study On The Market Selection

Published: 2021-07-03 08:25:05
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The market selection for that company in that specific country was as a result of an analysis carried out before the establishment of the business in that country. After the establishment, the company should use the market direction to be able to operate in that environment. In this case, the market direction is a market that is full of corrupt business practises. What my fellow executive members are not seeing is that when your competitors go west; try to go east i.e. fair competition. That could be my policy if I was leading the subsidiary. Hence, the ideology that has inflated the executive members’ minds is something that I won’t agree with for there are so many determining factors for a company to survive in a foreign market despite the market niche.
As a leader of the subsidiary, there are many factors that could be used to be able to survive in such an environment. First should try to establish the reason why most businesses are indulging in those unethical practises. That is by studying the cultural background and ideologies driving the market, analysis of the market would be fair in trying to establish how the company can fit in that market. Hence, based on the outcome, the company can come up with a strategy that would be favourable for it in such an environment of corrupt business practises. And the best strategy that could be used is trying to influence the executive minds by motivating and leading them on the right practise in such an environment i.e. being an example as a leader.
While carrying a case study on the market, ignoring the factor that there wasn’t a reason why the local enterprises decided to indulge in unethical practises, despite the unethical practises; there is a way to survive without practising those unethical values.
Each and every community, country, nation has its own practises and the same can be implemented elsewhere, in my home country such practises are not accepted and if unveiled are punishable by law, but despite this, the current location of the company has laws that are regulating market operation and acceptable practises, whereby the corrupt practise is not accepted. Which means there are some hopes when it comes operating safely in the same environment. But for the sake of the business survival, if it goes to worse then i guess reviewing the strategy and doing what the Romans to is of benefit to the company. The contingency theory would apply on this; this is because every situation has its unique challenges to the organization. Hence, coming up with the favourable strategies that would enable to the company survive in that country in line with the situation at hand this may include doing what the locals do in such a country.
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