Case Study On Database Implementation

Published: 2021-07-06 18:05:07
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Customer Information Table
This is normalization of customer information and customer check_out tables to their third normal form. Normalization is an important concept in database construction since it helps in reduction of redundancy and anomalies in tables. From the two tables, it is clear that they are in their third normal form. It all starts with taking all the data attribute to unnormalized form as it is from the presented information.
It is from the unnormalised form that data gets invest to first normal form. This serves to identify all repeating groups and eliminate them. Also it involves the identification of the primary key. As per the assignment case, there were no repeating groups in identified at 1NF and the primary key for customer information table identified was SSN (Customer Social security Number) and customer checkout table is Check_out No.
2NF stage involves identification of the attributes functionally dependent on the primary key. All those not dependent to primary key are eliminated and grouped together. Another requirement is that the table should be in its 1NF. All attributes in both tables are dependent on their primary key.
Requirements for 3NF are that the table is in its 1NF and 2NF. The attributes which are transitively independent are eliminated and possibly form another table. In the assignment case, no such attributes exists in both tables and all are functionally dependent on primary keys.
Therefore, considering the analysis given I believe that the tables are in their third form and no changes made to guarantee development of a new Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD).
This assignment provides experience in both conceptual and logical modeling of database. Through normalization process, it has provided an insight of conceptual and logical modeling of an efficient database system to meet organizations set objectives. It also a platform for interacting with database management system (DBMS) software, of which in this case is the DB2, in transforming the concept into a physical representation.
such eminent problems encountered in the assignment rather just challenging scenarios which for this case can be perceived as lessons. It provides a great lesson that database modeling process must be given more weight by any organization that wants to manage and organize their information effectively.
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