Artesian Bread As a Name That Signifies Freshness And Quality Case Study

Published: 2021-07-02 14:15:05
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Artesian bread is a name that signifies freshness and quality. The whole grain bread is becoming more popular amongst the consumers as they become more aware of its nutritional benefits. The artesian bread contains ingredients such as fiber; omega-3, plant sterols and prebiotics.Some of the specialty bread include stollen, panettone and Greek Easter bread.(Megee,21) In the United States of America, people are looking for natural versions for everyday products (Ooyen and Tsuchiya, 2) this has fuelled the demand for the artesian bread.
Hudson valley in Ulster County boasts most of the shops that sell fresh produce; this is because the region is well endowed with good weather to facilitate the growth. Some of the main local bakeries around Hudson valley-Ulster County that specializes in baking of artesian breads include: The bakery, Deising’s bakery, restaurant and catering company and the village tearoom, restaurant and bake shop.
Increase in health awareness and the concern over the consumption of artificial ingredients has made consumers to turn to the whole bread which is more nutritious. Artesian bread is good for those people who suffer from medical illness such as diabetes. The bread is also ideal for vegetarians. Wellness has become one of the industry’s top influences this is as a result of the link between food and health. (Ooyen, 61)
The production takes a lot of time and not many people are ready to prepare the bread in their homes. It requires more marketing since the consumers become choosier since the concept of the artesian bread is not well elaborate especially toward the young people.
The demand for the artesian bread has increased by 23percent between 1998-2003.The organic food market is increasing this is fuelled by the need to eat healthy meals. Artesian bread is an anti allergic food meaning it is sugar free, gluten free and organic.
As much as the re is growth in the industry, the pace is much slower. The unpredictable weather patterns’ have caused uncertainties in the supply of raw material.
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