Cardiology Fellowship Application Personal Statement

Published: 2021-06-30 17:40:05
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From childhood, it has been my dream to be a doctor and it has been a great source of pride in me to have been able to realise this dream in the last few years. Furthermore, my professional medical experience has enabled me to realise that I am fascinated by the human heart and its inner-mechanics. As a result, it is my honour to request that I be accepted on to the Cardiology Fellowship and I wish to do so in Canada as it is my understanding that its cardiology training is amongst the best in the world.

Following my graduation from medical school in 2005, I joined a medical program in 2006 to finalise my internship. During this time, I volunteered myself to be assigned as many cardiology patients as possible. I took this time to greater understand the impact that an unhealthy heart can have on the lives of individuals – I found that, to my mind, the heart is the most important organ in the body and that its impact is massive. I found myself drawn to the idea of wanting to fix ‘broken hearts’ and quickly realised that the human heart fascinated me more than any other of my cases. As of December 2010, I finished my internal medical residency training program and was able to further involve myself with a cardiology observing rotation that I had begun towards the end of my residency, on top of my other duties; I did this at Royal Victoria Hospital in association with McGill University in Montreal. This enabled me to learn a great deal more about how the heart works and what is involved in being a cardiology specialist. Despite the long hours and hard work, I found myself being only further enraptured by the heart and realised that I showed a great flare for understanding it too. Following this, I began to work solely in the cardiology department in order to improve my practical cardio skills and have received a great amount of praise for my enthusiasm to learn and willingness to volunteer myself for all manner of procedures. Now, I feel that I am at a strong place in my career to begin my cardiology fellowship, confident in the knowledge that it is my sole aim in life to become a cardiologist specialist.
Professionally, I pride myself on being capable, fast-learning and dedicated in every endeavour I embark upon. I take my personal and professional interests to an almost-obsessive level and have prided myself in privately researching cardio processes and conditions. An area which I find to be of interest is interventional cardiology and I enjoy reading medical journals which detail recent developments in this field such as angioplasty, valvuloplasty and coronary thrombectomy – all procedures which I am keen to understand and be capable of carrying out. I have been consistently praised for my enthusiasm and willing and feel proud that these are skills that I will bring to all future areas of my professional life.
I am keen to promote a healthy work/life balance and try to keep up with hobbies such as photography travelling, sports and guitar playing outside of work – all of which I find help to relax me and enhance my performance at work. I am also learning French as it is has long been an ambition of mine to do so. As an individual, I am proud to call myself independent and I recognise that working hard is a huge part of that. As I was born in Cairo, Egypt, and raised in Saudi Arabia I feel that my choice to train in Canada is a commendable one as English is not my first language. However, my reasons for making that choice are obvious: the fellowships on offer in Canada are among the best in the world and I know that I will receive the highest standard of education which best meets the high expectations I hold for myself.

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