Book Review On The Revenge Of Sadie Jackson

Published: 2021-06-30 23:00:05
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The story of the revenge of Sadie Jackson by Ray Ham is about a woman who is orphaned at a very tender age but she struggles through life all on her own. She later marries and gets two children. The story ends with the fight for her children from an Indian marauder commonly known as the screaming eagle. The novel, ISBN 978-1-4512-6045-8 was published by Publish America in 2010 and printed in the U.S in the same year. It would be very interesting for anyone who fancies fiction and romance.
Ham uses round characters in the development of the story so as to make it more believable. He employs three dimensional characters in his story so cleverly that you would hardly recognize a character as the story progresses. Sadie, for instance changes from a naïve and vulnerable girl to a very loving and romantic woman but as the story nears the end, she so aggressively fights for her children that her original personality is rubbed off. At the same time, we are told that Billy Jackson had had several failed relationships before he met Sadie yet they make such a good pair together that they end up getting married.
The themes of love, conflict and revenge are adequately brought out by the author of this novel. He cleverly explores these themes in a manner that makes the story even more interesting and in fact, the author clearly appears to support these themes by the use of several examples. For instance, he seems to be enjoying Sadie’s struggle as she resolutely fights for her children.
Ray Ham also employs several elements of plot. He actually builds the continuity of the story from the onset. For instance, he introduces the story at the time when Billy Jackson finds a horse thief at his home and coincidentally, the story ends with the unrelenting struggle by Sadie to get her children back from the ‘screaming eagle’.
Ray Ham is arguably one of the best literary authors in the United States. If you started reading the book today, the last thing you want to see is the end of this fascinating piece of work. I have actually read the book several times and I would still read it again. Fortunately, the author is quite talented in this genre of literature and we definitely expect more from him in the future.
Ray H. .The revenge of Sadie Jackson. Publish America, 2010

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