Book Review on Super Born: Seduction of Being

Published: 2021-06-30 18:05:04
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A good author is defined by the magic of their work and this is just what Keith kennel is. In this, the seduction of the being the author uses his native candid words to describe the characters.’ As some soft john Williams plays, the camera zooms in on O’Malley’s bar in Pennsylvania and captures the face of a blonde seductive beauty with piercing eyes that can miraculously change from one color to another. From green to blue and then to grey as she looks at the lens with a stare that penetrates the minds of the readers. In this work of fiction, the men in Scranton have mutated to idiots, morons and imbeciles as a result of epsilon radiation. The same radiations bring totally different effects in women. They are empowered by this radiation s to become supehumans.One of the women commonly known as the Bitch In Black appears real down to her value of morality and insatiable sexual desire.

The author tells the story through a smart and impressionable reporter in a candid but sometimes harsh tone and does not hold back the authors thoughts. In a different twist in the story, super hero acts like saving a doomed plane when the engine explodes and another catches fire or foiling a bank robbery attempt are common scenes in the novel but Keith takes the Bitch in Black to be a normal single worker with the normal usual stress and values. Kernel cleverly combines the reporters’ dialogue and the story of the superwomen making the story such an enjoyable masterpiece.
Kernel captures your attention with this book and all you want is more and more of this story but unfortunately it ends. The good news is that Kennel is a promising author with budding talent and we will surely hear from her soon!
Keith K. Seduction of being. Audacious press, 2010

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