Book Review on Brave New World

Published: 2021-06-30 10:35:04
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Brave New World is one of the novels written by Aldous Huxley and talks much about genetics and soma as a significant scientific issue. The discussion of the novel looks forward to progress in technology advancement that has contributed greatly towards changing today’s society. According to the author of the novel, he believes that the book serves like a satire from the place where he lived. Besides, it serves like a caution and a warning for the upcoming generation once the government is given the control and mandate over the new emerging technologies. Through the use of new technology humans have had changes in the way they lead their lives (Aldous 58). For instance, due to the comfort brought through technology, the society is seen to fully have started relying on the technology, a factor which has made humans lazy. According to the author of the novel, various forms of technologies have contributed towards changing the society. The issue of scientific work and research has been greatly discussed in the book. This has become a big debate especially with cloning. Soma-clonal issues have also been greatly discussed.

This factsheet discusses widely on the use of Soma and the legalization of drugs in the book ‘Brave New World’ as one technology mentioned above which are contributing to the society change. Generally, Soma is used in various methods of medication (Aldous 123). Furthermore, it’s also a symbol of science and technology which has powerful influence in the society. For example, it acts like relaxer to muscles through prevention of pain in brain and nerves and farther used in therapies in the treatment of wounds and musculoskeletal situations which are painful. In real senses, relation and application of Soma, the drug serves to be symbolic of the use of immediate fulfillment to manage world’s inhabitants.
In the real world social issues, there are various ways through which use of soma drugs relate to the entire society. From the study of the novel, it’s true that Brave New World is comprised of different persons who always keep away from the reality about the entire situations (Aldous 129). For instance, the about worldwide use of soma drug may be the persistent case of stubborn self fantasy. Soma vapors the truth of the current and substitutes them with happy allusions, and therefore the reason it’s used as a tool for encouraging communal constancy.
As discussed in the book, the use of soma drugs in the novel as emerging technology relates to social issues in the society which happens to have both negative and positive impacts. Such examples of social issues being faced nowadays which relate to the novel include; the increased rates of crimes, use of drugs without the required prescription, child abuse and increased rates of sexual harassments between the women (Aldous 135). These social issues affecting the society nowadays are the same discussed in the novel hence they are seen to be due to the increased use of soma drugs and other related drugs which are used following the advancement in the emerging technology.
Increased misuse of drugs have played great role in the changing of society norms of everyday activities (Aldous 143). This has led to various negative impacts towards the society settings. For instance, in the cases of women, majority get sexually transmitted diseases in the cases where they are raped. Most of these scenes occur following misuse of drugs. Whereby, the drug users are out of their control and senses since at that time, the drugs dominate and take control of their senses.
On the other hand, drugs have contributed greatly towards increased crime rates. This is the case where those who use drugs tend to go to the extreme of robbery in the event when they are broke. Furthermore, children have been abused through the new technology and the use of drugs. Many are introduced to drugs even before they know the purpose of the drugs. Here many students end up dropping from schools hence lowering the academic dignity of their state or country which later affects the economy of such states (Aldous 153). The emergence of the new technology has been of significance to some extent, but on other side the society which is taking the advantage fails to manage and use it at the right time. This has led to majority of people becoming lazy and unable to function normally without such drugs. In return, this lowers society development. Although many consumers of medicine do it for the reason to endure the confront and obstacles of life, many don’t understand the side effects associated with such drugs.
In conclusion, the novel is scrutiny of the technical autocracy which is basically related to the society. With connection to this, the writter of the novel applies his little familiarity relation of humans in comparing the currrent day world with his visionary dream. Hence he examines intimaidatio to civilization, for instance the persuasion of chemicals through the new technology. In this case he clarifies the reasons as to why avoiding them is impossible in one way or the other.
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