Being A New Ship Building Company In The United States Of America Ship Co Faces Business Plan Examples

Published: 2021-07-13 19:00:06
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Status quo-a significant justification is present for maintaining the status quo of allocation of current resources in the US. Adjusting the funding formula system by use of periodic evaluations could bring little significance and marginal corrections.
Expansion- If ship co decided to operate elsewhere away from the United States or lesser competitive regions, the volumes would increase and there would be significant profit margins. Since the industry is stable globally, there is no reason for it to concentrate more on USA where there is more completion and excess capacity.
New partnerships- Ship co would be in a better position to increase volumes if it came up with new partners apart from new co. New partnerships would translate to more orders and low competition thus higher profit margins.
Some of the strategic options that new co Have with Ship co is different to those that Ship co can implement on itself. They include:
Reorganization- Ship co can reorganize the idea to focus on similarity-based problems and come up with new collaborations a fresh. This is what ship co can do on itself without the help of New co.
Seeking alternative suppliers- New co seeking alternative suppliers come entirely as an individual decision as Ship co can make a decision not supply to new co allies.
Consolidation- this strategic option comprises of three ways, which are reorganization, new partnerships and seeking alternative suppliers. Bullish strategies are what new co has different to bearish strategies that Ship co can implement on itself. Bullish option strategies come into place when the trader expects the underlying stock to move upwards maybe when the competition goes down while bearish options are those employed when trader expects stock price to go downwards so that the competitors can have the same competitive edge. This is strategic options for Ship co could be different from new co strategic options.
Lawrence, G. 2002. Options as a Strategic Investment. Prentice Hall publishers, New Jersey.

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