Astronomer\'s Wife By Kay Boyle Creative Writing Sample

Published: 2021-07-17 19:45:05
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Category: Family, Women, Literature, Autism, Depression, Husband, Astronomy, Plumber

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The “Astronomer’s Wife” is a story about a psychologically depressed woman by the name Mrs. Ames, who lives with an arrogant husband who mistreated her a lot. She decides to seek happiness elsewhere by engaging in conversation with the plumber who comes to repair the leaks in her house.
In this story some words, phrases and images have been used and they have certain functions in the development of the story. The Boyle’s phrases in “The Astronomer’s Wife” such as “to survive women cling on the tide” (pg59) this shows how women were depressed and undervalued, they therefore, have to struggle to survive. Mrs. Ames is now well informed through interaction with the plumber who is able to understand her more than her husband, the astronomer. In addition, some combined words show how Mrs. Ames’s eyes are now fully opened after a long suffering of neglect and mistreatment by her husband. For instance, when Boyle writes, “for the light had been extinguished in them” (pg59), clearly tells the audience that Mrs. Ames who was being blinded is now able to know more things that she did not know from the plumber. In the real life context, the story reflects the human character of personal identity which each one is entitled regardless of gender. This words and phrases plays a role in showing how people will always continue to learn more things and become informed through interaction and communication by others.
The image used here is that of contrast between the Mrs. Ames’s husband, the astronomer and the plumber. The astronomer has big dreams and imaginations besides aspiring great things that are never accomplished while the plumber is a person who does not dream and understands real problems and can act on them.
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