Article Review On Slaesforce's Happy Workforce

Published: 2021-07-19 00:15:09
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1. How does demonstrate the key themes of motivation and creativity that we have been talking about?
Most importantly, let their employees feel and realize that they are not simply an asset or a tool to increase company’s profit, but first of all, each of them contributes to the company’s development and everybody’s point of view is taken into consideration. For this purpose Chatter was developed – staying in touch with all people in the company creates one productive and efficient team of employees.
Undoubtedly, this invention paved the way for new ideas, fast development, corporate spirit and every employee’s great desire to “give back to the community”. What is also crucial is the morale and general mood in – being creative making up Hawaiian names for everything in the office, organizing royal parties and providing a lot of benefits for workers let the staff feel that their workplace is the best one. Additionally, all’s employees are well-paid and taken care of – so who wouldn’t like to work for such a company?
2. What kind of organizational structure(s) do you find in
I believe that is a representative of the newest organizational structure –‘cloud’ structure. It is even more effective than traditional matrix organization as the former presupposes being one family, have one global goal in mind and move in one direction, disregarding titles and places in the company’s hierarchy. I am assured that this ‘cloud’ type of structure is a perfect example of a very efficient management, to be precise, the way Marc Benioff deals with being its CEO. Unlike conservative managers in other companies, Marc with his philanthropic attitude to workers is open to changes and his main objective is to be one family of people who love what they do and who strive for the company’s development and growth together without sticking to any hierarchical structures.

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