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Published: 2021-07-21 14:00:07
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Jungle fever is a movie that focuses at on the setbacks to interracial relationship and dating. However jungle fever reviews the luminal space that join black Americans with whites rather than the issues hindering the progress of these relationships. Several reviewers have shown the inefficiency of the jungle fever and thus coming up with several limitations which include the wrong idea of black and white relationships that was shown by the playwright, the obvious scorn for incorporation, and thirdly the playwright was found to have used the wrong art.
In the effort to explore on the problem, Lee made a mistake of not fully developing the love story. He also limited the time span to grow and mature. This is a misleading picture since it will be seen as if the two lovers failed to sustain their love by the fact that they were from different races. However any relationship that does not take time to develop into maturity will have problems. On the other hand due to this short span of time, the a black Americans are viewed to be attracted by the sexual affair rather than relationship as shown by Bensonhurst and Harlem
Another failure to the jungle fever is that the playwright did not look deeply into the personal character of individual used in the relationship; instead lee majorly focuses on racial and ethnic types of the characters. Their break up is associated with their racial difference rather than personal differences. According to how Lee analyzed his art, it is very difficult for the audience to understand the plot, instead they confuse the characters creative loving self with the racial and ethnic stands, thus the problems are not well elaborated in the film.

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