Article Review On International Marketing

Published: 2021-07-01 14:05:05
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The international marketing journal (Essoussi & Merunka) is a research that aims to enlighten the concept that images of a brand, the brand’s country of origin (COO), and brand’s country of manufacture (COM) influence consumers’ perceptions and evaluations in an emerging market. The major results of the study indicated that an economy can shape the perception of the quality of a product through its two sub constructs, defined as: ability of a country to manufacture or design a product; and overall image of the country. Specifically, it is noted that consumers in an emerging economy consider the country of origin (COO) in which a brand is manufactured to be more important than where the brand was originated in evaluating product quality. This notion is opposite to what is perceived in developed countries who prefer there own brands.
Concept Analysis
The concept that is behind the result is that consumption of products and services in developing countries such as India, China, Malaysia and many more is on the rise while in developed countries such as Britain, Germany there is stagnation. Since more than 80% of world consumers live in emerging economies, international marketers should therefore explore opportunities in these developing countries. These markets are unique in terms of: current and future size; and high-growth potential. Therefore, Country of Origin of a brand (COD) and the brand itself serve as proxy to notify consumers about a brand’s quality.
The prediction from strategic marketing through COD and COO consideration is that: consumers from these emerging countries who were formerly exposed to brands from limited countries would have a chance to evaluate or use products from all parts of the world through globalization; Companies that offer public products, high involvement would have a better chance in succeeding in developing economies when their brands are recognized for their specific competencies and have a positive image. In conclusion, as the market in emerging economies expand, it is imperative that companies in developed countries fully exploit these by finding new markets for their products.
Leila Hamzaoui Essoussi, & Dwight Merunka. (2007). Consumers' product evaluations in emerging markets: Does country of design, country of manufacture, or brand image matter?. International Marketing Review, 24(4), 409-426. Retrieved March 3, 2011

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