Article Review on Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

Published: 2021-06-30 21:35:05
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Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve located in south-eastern Alaska is one of the most magnificent natural reservations of unique marine wilderness comprising majestic glaciers, snowcapped ridges, endless coastlines, sheer fjords and freshwater streams and lakes. The park covers an area of 3,283,000 acres, 27 percent of which is covered with glorious glaciers.

The diversity of flora and fauna is mind-blowing creating perfect environment for adventurous leisure, learning and exploration. Glacier Bay is home for numerous endangered animals such as humpback whales, minke and killer whales, lynxes, snowshoe hares, bears, arctic terns, jaegers and many more. Glacier Bay provides outstanding opportunities for geological research. It has global significance when it comes to marine and terrestrial wild lands. This park offers isolation, which is sacred in today’s world. Glacier Bay is a World Heritage Site protected by the United Nations and a vital part of the Biosphere Reserves. These lands have inspired numerous scientists, artists, travelers and cruise ship passengers. Scientists from all over the world come here to study the dynamic changes of glacier movement. The maritime climate of this region randomly surprises its visitor with tranquility and steadiness. Woolen and synthetic clothing are absolutely necessary under these weather conditions. From an anthropological point of view the park is a sacred and spiritual motherland of the Huna Tlingit and Ghunaaxhoo Kwaan unit of the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe.
Providing students with information about national parks and reserves is one of the main tools of teaching social studies. Since geography, anthropology and other environmental sciences are an integral part of social studies students should possess in-depth knowledge of the surrounding world, especially of its most remotely astonishing places that have so much to give and ask only protection in return. By introducing the world of natural phenomenons such as the Glacier Bay and confronting issues related to the wonder and excitement of humankind teachers of social studies promote effective citizenry.

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