Argumentative Essay On Kids And Cell Phones

Published: 2021-07-07 01:10:05
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1. Introduction
Argumentative essay normally used when one has opinion and wants to convince readers or listeners to accept it thereby ceding ground on what he or she has about the same issue. Under introduction it is missing some quality aspect of Argumentative essay because;
a) It is not precise and brief as is required of an argumentative essay. The issues in discussion should be clearly stated for instance it should be stated as follows, “exposing kid to cell phone is harmful to their moral growth.”
b) The background of the idea is not supported by clear studies to support the idea that kids should not be exposed to cell phone. It should be based on some research clearly stated in the introduction
2. Analyze reasoning & support
Argumentative essay should give reasons and same should be supported by sources. In this case there are several reason cited to support the claim that kids should not be exposed to cell phone however limited resource to support the claim have been given. This makes it appear as if it is a strong feeling of the narrator. The reasons may appear true ethically yet are not based on facts supported by data. The essay has brought in strong reasons to support claim that kids should not be exposed to cell phones. Some of which is exposing them to inappropriate sites and inappropriate use of e.g. during class time. These reasons should be supported by scholarly journals, books.
3. Counter Argumentation
Some obvious question have been answered in this essay example include;
a) At what age should a kid be given a phone? This is clearly stated as above 16 years
b) What should be the solution to the problem under discussion? The essay has highlighted that if at all they have to be provided then they need to be
c) What are illegal activities that a phone might be used for? This is clearly stated like to cheat in exam, sexting

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