Argumentative Essay on Issues Associated With the Pledge of Allegiance

Published: 2021-06-30 19:05:04
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Pledge of allegiance is the oath of submission and loyalty to American flag and country. It was drafted long ago by the then socialist minister. Despite being modified several times, this pledge still requires some considerable revision due to certain reasons that affects its effectiveness or significance.

One point of contention is how God is reflected in the pledge of allegiance. Many religious leaders have raised several concerns regarding the representation or the use of the term God in the pledge. They aired a number of reasons backing up their position, one of them being the grammatical sentences upon which the word “God” is used. This is because it led to some element of vagueness or uncertainty. On the other hand, some unreligious citizens also complain that they are forced to take Godly oaths yet they do not profess to any religious group.
Apart from the religious concerns, there exist several issues regarding the understanding of this allegiance especially to persons taking them. It is noted that this oath is also taken by very young children who may not have the capacity to comprehend the oath. This is a massive concern, since children are forced to take the oath yet they cannot fully and adequately understand the content of the oath. Moreover, the under-aged children lack the legal and the mental capacity to comprehend the oath or consent on any serious matters. This poses a massive setback to the oath since it is unethical to allow or force someone to take consent on something that he or she barely understands.
Pledge of allegiance is extremely significance to the state and the public in general. This is due to the numerous advantages that accompany it. However, it also consist several setbacks that affects the significance and effectiveness of the oath. Therefore, it is necessary to modify the pledge so as to improve its application and effectiveness to the country and citizens of US.

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