Annotated Bibliography On Surveillance Cameras

Published: 2021-07-04 02:00:05
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Surveillance cameras were installed for security purposes. They still serve the same purpose. They are there to improve security and tracking of criminals. Research shows that crime has been reduced with the use of cameras. The thorny issue that crops up when surveillance cameras are discussed is that of security. There is no doubt that privacy is compromised in the name of security. Coming to think of privacy, security is much important than privacy. I therefore believe that when comparing between the two issues, security will come first. It is therefore important that the security side be thoroughly analyzed before any accusations are directed at eth police.
In agreement with the argument, there are some instances where security cameras are engaged too much. There are instances where wash rooms and ablution have been installed with CCTV cameras! In such instances, one can argue that indeed privacy has been invaded. People should have their privacy while they are answering call of nature. Even criminals have to be sure of this. There are alternative ways of tracking criminals when privacy is of paramount importance .
I have a strong conviction that surveillance has reduced the shooting of children in the Chicago area. If there were many cameras spread in the area, there would be less crime spread in the area. Additionally, if cameras are not directed at other people’ houses, there are no issues that can be associated with surveillance cameras.
Given the fact that crime is committed in the street and in areas where thugs and terrorists regard as safe, these areas should be under surveillance cameras. It is for the good and safety of many citizens.
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