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Published: 2021-07-01 05:05:05
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The author of the review has used adverbs to indicate manner, this can be shown by, for example, the use of ‘weirdly’ (5, 5). This adverb qualifies the verb ‘entertaining’ and is hence used to show how entertaining the two actors are.
Adverbs of time have also been used and one example is the word ‘medieval’ (1, 3). This adverb is used to show when the tale was given. Adverbs have also been used in the review to show degree. An example of this can be shown by the author’s use of the adverb ‘almost’ to qualify the verb production. This shows to what extent the production has helped in making the movie a success.

Adverbs have been used to show frequency: for example, ‘shot largely’ (5, 1), shows the number of times the movies has been shot in Croatia. Words such as ‘fortified town’ (2, 9), have been used to show where the action for the verb would occur. In this particular case the words are used to show where the two knights are led to.
The author has used adjectives to describe nouns: for example the use of the adjective ‘aging’ (2, 1) to describe how the two knights look. Adjectives have also been used to indicate personal titles for example ‘Father Debelzaq’ (2, 2). The title ‘Father’ is used to qualify the noun Debelzaq in this case.
The author has used adjectives to show possession; for example, ‘its cardinal’ (2, 10), is used to show the town’s cardinal. Demonstrative adjectives have been used to show particular information. For example, ‘this wrought medieval tale’ (1, 3), ‘this’ is used to show which particular tale the author is referring to. Predicative adjectives have also been used for example, ‘palpable’ (5, 8) which is a function of ‘stinking’ that links it to the noun aura.
The author has not effectively used adverbs and adjectives in the review as they are few in number in the text. Also, since this is a movie review I believe that more adjectives would have been incorporated to enhance the description of the movie.
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McDonagh, Maitland. Film Review: Season of the Witch. Film Journal International. 6 Jan. 2011. Web. 9 Jan. 2011.

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