Admission Essay On My Outrage At Texting While Driving

Published: 2021-07-15 04:20:06
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I see people texting while driving every day, and this outrages me because driving is already dangerous enough as it is without the person behind the wheel being completely distracted and failing to keep their eyes on the road. Many things can happen very quickly while driving a car, and if drivers are not paying attention at all times, they are a threat to my life and everyone else’s as they sit there texting and updating their Facebook status. Some of my friends have been victims of drivers who were texting, and I also know people who have hit others when they were doing this. It can only take a split second of failing to notice pedestrians or other vehicles to cause a fatal accident, and in many ways, those who text while driving are just as dangerous as drivers under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They think they can handle the situation easily, but they are just kidding themselves, while is why texting while driving has been made illegal in most areas.
As the vice president of my senior class, I have had an opportunity to address the student body about this important safety concern. I explained to them that a have installed the “Drive Safe Mode” on my smart phone, which is an application that will send an email to a friend or loved one or allow the user to surf the web while the phone is moving. I have also encouraged all my friends and relatives to install this program so that they will be more responsible when driving. With all the traffic on the road, drivers today need to be more conscious of their surroundings than at any other time, and aware that if they are distracted even for a very brief time, they will risk causing major accidents, injuries and even death to themselves and others.

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