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School Policies

At Hillcrest Drive Elementary and Music Magnet we understand that our school must be a warm, loving, and safe space while making the very best teaching and learning happen. This is our commitment to our children, to our families, and to ourselves. To this end, we have policies in place that guide us in making this happen and that are essential to creating a respectful, responsible, and safe school environment. All stakeholders must adhere to these policies to make Hillcrest a great place to learn, teach, work, and visit:
The Hillcrest School-Parent Compact is the expression of our school community's belief in the inherent goodness of our mission. It is framed as a pledge to which students, educators and parents commit to make Hillcrest a great school. The School-Parent Compact was approved by the SSC at its February 12, 2017 meeting and mailed to families on Friday, February 16, 2018. 
The Hillcrest School Parental Involvement Policy establishes general expectations for how Hillcrest and parents/families should work together as partners to ensure the academic success, social development, and emotional well-being of our students. The policy was mailed to parents at the residence on file for all students on October 20, 2017.
Guiding Principles for the School Community is a succinct statement of the principles that comprise LAUSD's Discipline Foundation Policy which states that all LAUSD students will attend schools with climates that focus on safety, teaching, learning and interpersonal relationships that enhance student learning and well-being. Every student, preschooler through adult, has the right to be educated in a safe, respectful, and welcoming environment. Every educator has the right to teach in an atmosphere free from disruption and obstacles that impede learning. 
The LAUSD Responsible Use Policy for District Computer Systems provides important guidelines for how all stakeholders will use technology responsibly to keep students and staff safe from online threats, harm, and bullying. Attachment A of that policy–Information for Students and Families–is available below. It must be signed by every student and a parent/guardian before a student can use iPads, computers, and the internet at school.
The Blueprint for Wellness serves as the LAUSD’s wellness policy and guide for implementing a comprehensive health and wellness plan. Knowing that schools play a critical role in promoting student health and wellness, this blueprint will assist schools and the District in implementing a comprehensive wellness plan for students, families, and staff.
Lastly, the Hillcrest Uniform Policy is simple. We are a uniform school. We wear navy blue and/or burgundy polo tops, and gray bottoms--shorts and pants for girls and boys, and skorts and dresses for girls. Why uniforms? For one, we are a team. Just like sports teams wear uniforms, Hillcrest scholars now come to school with a winning attitude represented by wearing the team uniform. Also, our uniforms help us know that we are part of something bigger than ourselves–something inherently great and incredibly special. Finally, we want to reinforce the identity of our students as scholars. Uniforms are a great way to do this since they help students dress the part to approach learning with a winning attitude.  Don’t let your child miss out. Make sure s/he is in uniform each week, Monday through Thursday.