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Students » The Hillcrest Scholars™

The Hillcrest Scholars™

The Hillcrest Scholars™ are cartoon character archetypes that symbolically represent our six Hillcrest pillars–Respectful, Responsible, Safe, Honest, Tolerant (Appreciation of Differences) and Scholarly (Life-long Learning). Each year we review our behavioral expectations as ways of being and doing and we use The Hillcrest Scholars™ characters as models of the desired behaviors.
The Scholars™ are: Mecca (Respectful), Axel (Responsible), Renata (Safe), Kadim (Honest), Itzel (Tolerant), and Alonzo (Scholarly). They represent a child-centered, kid-friendly approach to School-wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)–an approach developed by Hillcrest for Hillcrest.
The pillars explained:
Respectful – I treat others the way I want to be treated.  I respect laws, rules, and school authority. I treat people fairly and respect their rights.  I respect private and public property.
Responsible – I take responsibility for my actions.  I choose how I respond to others. I return what I borrow.
Safe – I engage in safe activities. I keep my body and mind healthy. I choose only those things that are really good for me.
Honest – I am honest with myself and others. I act with integrity. I avoid spreading rumors or gossip.
Tolerant (Appreciation of Differences) – I look for the good in others. I respect each person’s right to be different. I see cultural diversity as an opportunity for learning.
Scholarly (Lifelong Learning) – I come to school prepared to learn. I give my best in everything I do. I am open and alert to solutions.
Parents, ask your child to explain to you who each of the Scholars™ are and what each principle means to them.